How does it work?

Life of a volunteer

Michelle, our manager, or Les, our volunteers co-ordinator, give all new volunteers training to make sure that everyone, whatever age, is familiar with operating the till system and has an understanding of the other day to day duties that may occur in your shift.

A single shift lasts for two hours; some volunteers are able to contribute more of their time than others. Volunteers usually either work a regular weekly or fortnightly shift or in some cases fill in any gaps as and when needed. Les arranges the shift rotas ahead of each month and these are always in the shop if you ever need to check them.

A typical shift will involve serving and helping customers, checking the stock and if necessary restocking. If you are an early bird and want to volunteer for an opening shift, this will also involve dealing with our bread, milk and newspaper deliveries, and getting the shop ready for opening and the first customers of the day.

The atmosphere within the team and in the shop is always happy, supportive and welcoming. From time to time, we hold volunteer events so that we can share information, welcome new volunteers and meet other volunteers that maybe you haven’t met yet. As well as generally having fun and relaxing together.

Dates and details of these events will be sent round via email, posted on the news & events page of this website and on Facebook so don’t worry, you won’t miss out.

For want of an onion...

Darn! Vegetable basket: not an onion in sight. Salad bin in the fridge: nothing lurking that could remotely substitute – not even a solitary slightly dodgy spring onion. Supper was in jeopardy.

“What about the community shop” my husband suggested hopefully. Having never been inside, I had no idea what was on offer there. Pulling a “I don’t suppose for one minute” sort of face, I shot off to make sure.

And a surprise was in store… literally. Onions there were. Fresh fruit and veggies, never mind shelves stocked with all sorts of useful items. Relieved I was. Impressed I was. And having been rescued from a serious onion-less supper situation, I decided I would offer to be a volunteer.

I volunteer just two hours a week – a change to meet all sorts of people and work with a super team, managed magnificently by Michelle. I recommend volunteering. I recommend supporting the venture. It is serving the community and we are all benefited by its presence. Especially anyone without an onion. See you there then!

Gillian Smith

Gillian volunteering in the shop

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