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Being a village shop is just the start of what our shop brings to village life: it is now a well-established social hub. Customers talk to us to find out the progress of the allotments, the latest on the speed watch campaign and details about missing cats. We have many stories of how our shop is helping to reduce social isolation because it is easy to get to, and when you arrive you find a friendly face and a willing ear. From those who are new to the village to those with specific needs our shop is helping many to enjoy life that little bit more.

Before our shop opened the nearest place to buy bread, milk and newspapers was a few miles away. Our customers are not only happy to save fuel but also happy to do their bit for the environment too.

So, when we ask you to consider becoming a share member or increase your share membership, please think about these hidden benefits. We never intended for the shop to make big profits, but we do have to break even. From the beginning we have stated that any profits we do make would be returned to the community.

Supporting your village shop

If you are able, please support your village shop by either making a donation or by becoming a share member. By doing so you are investing in the whole community.

Shares cost £10.00 each and multiple purchases can be made up to £20,000. Please complete the form below to purchase shares. You can also find a copy of this form in the shop. 

We are very grateful for any donations you make or shares you purchase.


Monday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm


Call: 01480 218624


Registered in 2016 under the Community Benefit Society by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Registration number: 7299