Have you considered being a volunteer?
Can you spare 2 hours a week?

If so please email us now
or Telephone Les on 01480 531 120
- we are keen for more people to join in. You would meet a great bunch of people and do something for your village.

Terry Harper working in the shop

Why Volunteer?
Great Paxton shop is run by the community for the benefit of the community. During the week we are open for 12 hours a day for your convenience. To achieve this the shop is run by volunteers often working alongside a part time manager.

Volunteering in the shop is very fulfilling, all of our volunteers enjoy their time in the shop, especially talking to customers and passing the time of day. We try to work in two hour shifts so its never too long for any one person.

We have a great range of people volunteering for the shop from a retired gentleman of 89 who loves his time behind the till to two 14 year old young ladies who are doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards with us.


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