Great Paxton community shop on its opening day

Great Paxton had a Shop & Post Office until a few years ago until it closed. The nearest towns for shopping are St.Neots (3 miles) & Huntingdon (7 miles) with a very limited bus service to both. There is a small shop in Offord Cluny (2.5 miles) but, again, requires a car journey. We are fortunate to have a primary school and a community pub, and a village shop run by the village community for the benefit of the community will be a huge social asset.

Young and old alike are mostly in walking distance of the new shop. It  stocks most items that can found in a convenience store. We sell things that people are either most likely to run out of during the week or forget while doing their weekly shop. Our survey tells us that there will be regular usage with 78% saying they would spend £10-50 weekly.

It is also hoped that having our new village shop will have a positive effect on house prices. Local estate agents have agreed it is having an impact in how quickly houses are being sold.

To assist us in creating our shop members of the committee have visited Grafham Water Community Shop and found their experiences of value.
There is much enthusiasm for our shop and we hope it continues to go from strength to strength.

The Shop itself

Fresh vegetables for sale – the best quality available

It is our ambition, going forward, that the shop in Great Paxton will fulfil the following main aims.

  • Provide a convenience shop for the local community without the need to drive out of the village.
  • Provide voluntary work opportunities for local residents and give valuable work experience for younger members of the community whose options are currently limited in the village.
  • Provide a central meeting point and a source of information to the village.
  • Provide an outlet for local businesses to sell their products and crafts.
  • The shop is a not for profit enterprise and is run for the benefit of the community.

Great Paxton is a rural village comprising 400 dwellings. The village suffers from a complete lack of in village amenities other than the warm and welcoming community pub. The last village shop closed 4 years ago.  When the The Bell pub, reopened in 2013 it was always their ambition that a community shop would follow. In 2015 a public meeting was held and there was much enthusiasm for getting a shop back in the village. A shop committee was formed soon after – and the rest, as they say, is history.


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